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What Are The Holes In The Folded Plastic Baskets
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Folding plastic basket holes on what have been the effects?

Plastic baskets after the collapse, volume can be reduced by more than 75%, light weight, small footprint, the advantages of convenient combination, in the major supermarket chains, convenience stores, large distribution centers and other widely used in closed-loop delivery system. We open holes on the plastic baskets can be found, why is that? Taizhou plastic industry special, Ltd for you to answer this question.

1, plastic baskets of perforated design

Perforated plastic baskets, usually for the vertical slots, holes on both sides of the hand excepted. The vertical slots of the load-bearing ability, and saves raw materials and reduces packaging costs. Although some smooth plastic baskets outside the wall, but the hole of the bead is very sharp, it tends to cause serious mechanical damage to fruits and vegetables. Taizhou plastic industry special, Ltd continuously improve the mold, make the hole edge feel more mellow, helps to reduce the rate of damage.

2, in favor of ventilation

Perforated plastic baskets designed to ventilate. In a production application, some plastic films, paper, foam pads, mats in a tank, in this way, is not conducive to ventilation and heat exchange, plastic baskets of perforated design allows the fruit and vegetables rotted in the basket will not be so easy.

3, bottom hole problems

Plastic folding basket baskets at the end, and part and side opening into the rectangular holes, above and below the surface the hole product ventilation and drain, in fact, folding baskets for different purposes have different opening design. Heavy turnover plastic baskets, if there is a hole at the bottom, and no backing at the bottom of the pad, the lower exposure to baskets at the end of part, is likely to compressive deformation and damage. Backing often leads to waste, so we might as well end of basket design for a tablet.