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How To Check The Quality Of The Plastic Baskets
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Different manufacturers, plastic baskets of diverse industries, what is high quality plastic baskets? Following Jin Baoshun plastic products limited company give you all the quality plastic baskets to pass the test:

Vibration performance testing refers to containers under rated load weight, by stacking layers of 

restrictions placed on the vibrating table, the vibration duration 60min. The test is to simulate 

continuous vibration during transport

 impact on the crate. Anti-vibration ability of plastic baskets and crates of material, reinforced 

and relevant stack. Anti-vibration ability of containers, the service life is shorter, less 

turnover, but also inside products are easily damaged.

Stacking strength is through 72 hours of fixed load applied on crate (250kg), calculate the rate 

of change of container height. The test examines plastic baskets stacked high in a long time the 

extent of the change.

Stacking plastic baskets mainly with crates of material and reinforcement of structure. Stacking 

strength unqualified crates, stacking and bottom are easily crate for a long time rupture phenomena

such as squeezed the product damage or lead to Interior.

Plastic baskets of quality associated with material composition and thickness. Turnover box 

quality not up to requirement may lead to compressive strength and impact strength insufficient.