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Changed Usage Of The Plastic Box
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Folding plastic box

There is a bottom and a frame, two connections between the frame at the bottom and side plate 

and the connecting side panels on both sides, the end plate and side panels and the bottom frame 

is active on and connected, the sides top and bottom panels, top and bottom panels folding linkages 

between institutions. Each part of this box is connected between each other when folded is very 

convenient to transportation, storage and labor; box reuse, lower packaging costs, and can be made 

into all kinds of different sizes, especially as plastic parts and product containers instead of cardboard boxes.

Second, warm in winter and cool in the summer and bee-plastic box

It is made of colored plastic double plate, easy to collapse the Assembly and the Council *. Because it is a

hollow plate using thermal insulation of air, achieve the purpose of warm in winter and cool in summer. Cross 

ventilation of the plates, it can also be simultaneously to over dozens of Beehive conveying hot air, cold air, 

and adjust the temperature.

Three, the garbage bag covered with plastic box

It is made of boxes, guide, sliding folding cover up. Box of sides wall Shang open has shallow slot, 2 a shallow slot 

of middle part as hanging mobile plastic bags of hanging ear, buckle in box Shang of oriented bucket of central part 

for Shang big Xia small funnel, push pulled folding cover and is located in oriented bucket Shang surface two side of

 2.3 Yuan shaped Board constitute three surface side wall, can control sent to of garbage automatically into loaded in 

box within of plastic bags in the, due to mobile plastic garbage bags often replaced, box within clean health, and no odor, 

is family most ideal of kitchen *.

Four, plastic food turnover box

Will existing folding type plastic bottom Department check mouth and the top check mouth removed, in floor Shang additional 

has number only support positioning feet, in two top respectively open has symmetric of gap, box of long wide than by 3:2 design, 

solution has existing plastic food turnover box heap code not high, and box and box Zhijian cannot tight got emissions, cannot 

staggered heap code, ills, adapted has set loaded requirements, conducive to shipment, and store.