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Ageing Resistance, Long Service Life
- Dec 30, 2016 -

1. polyethylene product system uses electric heating melt connection, material with high strength

2.B good low-temperature impact resistance: low temperature brittleness temperature of polyethylene is extremely low

Beer basket is made of polyethylene material

Beer basket is made of polyethylene material

Can be used temperature range safety-60-60. Winter use, due to good impact resistance, embrittlement does not occur.

3. C good stress cracking resistance: HDPE notch sensitivity with low and high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance is also very prominent. ·

4.D chemical resistance good: HDPE material products can be corrosion resistant to many chemicals, chemicals in the air does not cause any degradation of material products. Polyethylene is an electric insulator and therefore will not rot, rust or corrosion phenomenon; it also does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria, or fungi.

5.Aging resistance, long service life: contains 2-2.5% of uniform distribution of carbon black-polyethylene materials products in the outdoor store or use for 10 years, will not be subjected to ultraviolet radiation damage. ·

6.good resistance to abrasion: HDP material products and steel wear-resistance comparison test indicated that HDPE material product wear resistance for steel 4 times. Compared with steel, HDPE material products have better wear resistance, this means that the HDPE material products with longer service life and a better economy. ·

7.flexible: the flexible HDPE material products making it easy to bend, ·

H small flow resistance: HDPE material products have a smooth inner surface, the manning coefficient was 0.009. smooth performance and non-adhesive characteristics, reduces the pressure loss of material and energy consumption