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A Rational Settlement Of Urban Public Facilities Outside
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Public facilities are provided by the City Government to the public use or enjoyment of public goods and services, including transport facilities, health facilities, cultural facilities and educational facilities, a part of the city. It provides socio-economic functioning and daily life of the inhabitants of the city with important safeguards, but also distinguish it from rural as well as urban competitive advantages main. However, due to the external effects of public facilities, residents hope that the public facilities and has positive externalities neighborhood, and those who have negative externalities of public facilities was disgusted by the nearby residents, its planning, construction and layout, and even can lead to resistance from nearby residents. Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between the residents and the public facilities, has become China's rapid urbanization and city-building questions that cannot be avoided in the process.

O avoidance effects negative externalities generally speaking, urban public facilities have characteristics of public goods, such as non-competitive and non-exclusive, for the urban general public has positive externalities. For example, the free Park City, residents can easily be carried out in the Park near a variety of sports and recreational activities, residents of the surrounding buildings overlooking the beauty of the Park City rail transit so residents travel more efficient.