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The main features of stainless steel trash can
- Dec 30, 2016 -

A vessel in which to store garbage, use stainless steel made. Stainless steel trash can stainless steel resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive and acid, alkali, salt, chemical erosion corrosion, stainless steel bins high durability. Body made of stainless steel trash can also fireproof, strong and durable.

United Kingdom Li·buleierli metallurgical experts in 1912, the fusion chrome and steel, to produce an alloy suitable for rifle barrels. Buleierli recognition of fused metal to rust resistant. Actually provided him with a 18% of chromium and nickel 8% formula. Buleierli proposes, which is ideal for cutting tools. Also, in 1941, he would use the material to build a knife and fork. The metal to "stainless steel" is famous.

Rust-resistant properties of stainless steel, together with its shimmering appearance, making it the middle of 20th century popular kitchen supplies. Kitchen sinks, pot rack, door handles and even furniture, are often made of stainless steel. Trash can because you want to accept all kinds of waste, every day is surrounded by bacteria, viruses, mold and contaminate the indoor environment, it is also an extremely dirty "bacteria's nest." Some trash on the market because of the plastic material sources are not clear, might take some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances, there is a health risk, but few such problems not only of stainless steel and bamboo, is easy to clean. In addition, smaller trash, might encourage people to take out the trash, reducing the time of germs.