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The difference between trash and garbage bin
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Most people think of trash and garbage can just call the difference, in fact, dustbin and trash has made a big difference.

Large bags of bags of rubbish in the garbage bin outside. If the weather is hot, dustbin bags of garbage outside of a lot of mosquitoes, there are lots of bagged refuse garbage bin had been "besieged". Many people simply took bags of rubbish in the garbage bin outside. "Do not all garbage that nearly threw the rubbish here. ”

"Trash is not trash, too?" Investigations showed that people think trash bins not much different, just a different name for it. This misunderstanding for sanitation to take a lot of trouble. "Garbage bin is in fact different from the trash. ”

Garbage bin is mainly set in urban secondary trunk road, Park, Garden, green spaces, squares, public places such as tourist attractions, designed to facilitate pedestrians scattered debris such as discarded fruit peels, paper scraps, beverage bottles, much smaller than the bin capacity. Settings in the community, building homes, Garden trash bins or plastic use is different, it is mainly used to collect daily family life and the waste generated in our work, what people call garbage.