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Role of plastics products
- Dec 30, 2016 -

1, plastic products can be used in the preparation of fuel oils and fuel gas, this would reduce oil consumption. Waste plastic recycling in the chemical and can be formed under high temperature and high pressure oil appendages, used in the manufacture of gas fuel, recycling.

2, plastic and low manufacturing cost. Plastic raw material appendage of mainly oil and raw materials wide and cheap. Plus the simple production process, relative to the iron products are much cheaper.

3, strong corrosion resistance of most plastics, does not react with acid and alkali. Many plastic products used in industry, agriculture used to store various types of liquid, solid, good stability makes the plastic widely used in the chemical industry, agriculture.

4, easy to be shaped into different forms. Plastic heat will be soft and easy to melt, so easy to process into all kinds of shapes, such as all kinds of toys, household items, etc.

5, durable, waterproof, lightweight. Plastic properties of more stable and does not react with other substances, it would be more durable, and relatively small density, light weight, for example, pipes, buckets and other commonly used in life.

6, plastic is a good insulator. Plastic processing, is to wrap the copper wire, iron wire, made from wires, cables, and so on.