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Most common in the daily life of four plastic boxes
- Dec 30, 2016 -

First, standard plastic crates, food-grade plastic bucket, etc. Simple, these plastic boxes, plastic bucket is used for logistics and transport. In simple terms, the standard material used in a food-grade plastic bucket, plastic boxes, is a heap of products. It may be covered or uncovered, completely according to the customer needs to decide.

Second, special tobacco, plastic drums, plastic boxes. Usually such products would have to move relief design, Cabinet oblique-plug design is chosen, so that you can reduce the volume of warehousing.

Third, dislocation patterns of food-grade plastic bucket, plastic boxes. This product combines the previous two plastic pickle barrels, crates, and flexible pile up at the same time, but also reduce storage volume. Then became the market one of the most popular products.

IV, oblique in-food grade plastic containers, food grade pickle barrels. Characteristic of these products is in the box is empty when the storage volume can be reduced, making logistics turnover costs lower. Not only that, it can also be stacked, so reduce the floor area.