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Maintenance of the outdoor trash
- Dec 30, 2016 -

1. materials, workmanship: the metal parts of 1.2mm cold rolled steel, than ordinary steel trash can increase the service life of 2-3. Spray special outdoor plastic powder electrostatic spray maximum extend the life of the trash, trash colors bright and lasting color, strong resistance to UV rays!

2. Accessories: bin 1 equipped with galvanized liner (inner material). Pail with handle, convenient sanitation worker jobs. With trash exclusive locks and keys. Fixation bolts 4.

3. scope of application: this product is suitable for streets, community, schools, parks and other public places, can also be used for indoor environment such as stairs, than keep the environment clean, your city color color!

4. product care and maintenance: do not use acid or alkaline detergents clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth with a little alcohol can look like new. Outdoor time when a year, you can use the special-purpose protective paints are serviced on a regular basis, operation is simple and convenient!