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Crates are characterized by what
- Dec 30, 2016 -

Turnover box no poison, no smell, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light weight, durable, stackable, looks gorgeous, color-rich, pure and so on.

Turnover box heat and cold resistance of heat resistance cold resistance of hot and cold boxes that require higher, not deformation in the hot water, and can even be sterilized with boiling water.

Turnover box and durable:

Excellent impact resistance, stress or impact is not easy to break, leaving scratches can be lifelong.

Container seals:

This is takeout boxes a paramount consideration. Although seals of different brands of products in different ways, but the seal of excellence is a prerequisite for lasting memory food preservation.

Crate preservation:

Seal standard is based on the international climate tests to assess with quality storage bin 200 times lower than similar products, moisture permeable, you can keep things fresh for a longer time.

Turnover box versatility and diversity:

Designed for the needs of different sizes, along with reuse technology ice, ice packs can be cold fever (ice minimum can be frozen to-190, the maximum can be heated to 200 degrees, can be any size container of green food grade LLDPE material of environmental protection, nonpoisonous and tasteless, UV-resistant, easy to change color.

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